Alchemy of Souls Episode 17 Thriller Preview: Extended Version Drops a New Bomb on the Story

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Watch the Alchemy of Souls Extended Episode 17 Preview

Alchemy of Souls episode 17 was not released this weekend as the show went on a hiatus, and while there were many complaints from disappointed fans, the creators knew exactly what to do! A new preview has come out for episode 17 which is making a point that the show is only going to get better and this wait is worth it!

The last episode left us off at a reunion of parents with their children. On one end we had Jin Ho-kyung reuniting with her daughter, even though it is a fake one and on the other end, we see Jang Kang returning to the show. While this only provoked our curiosity even further, the hiatus made it worse for the fans of the show.

This weekend saw a lot of disappointed fans on social media, but it soon turned to excitement when the show released an extended version of the preview for episode 17. The preview has shaken us up and brought another wave of excitement which only got us more eager for the next episode. Believe me, I was shaken after watching the new version of the trailer.

It is mindblowing and this wait is definitely going to be proven worthy. The preview shows the ice stone appearing in front of everyone while Jin Mu gives the task of protecting it to Jin Ho-kyung and fighting Songrim.

The king orders to have Mu-deok killed as she’s just a servant with no alchemy skills. The soul shifter in Sejukwon is back and desires to kill Seo Yul. Elsewhere, the queen performs alchemy in front of everyone present.

Master Lee on the other hand points toward some people who are meant to leave and meant to come back. While we don’t know who it is because master Lee’s words are no less than riddles, it seems to be pointing toward Jang Uk’s King star, Mu-deok’s secret and the return of Jang Kang. A storm has definitely arrived in Songrim.

Lastly, Mu-deok pulls her sword with tears in her eyes as Jang Uk once again kisses her as she speaks about making another promise in the background. This ends the preview.

There is definitely a lot happening in the preview and this is only the preview for the second last weekend of the show. The creators are for sure going all out with this show and it is such a pleasure watching something so amazing in this genre.

The excitement for Alchemy of Souls episode 17 is like never before!

What are your theories for the upcoming episodes? Let us know in the comments below!


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